The Uxbridge Community Fundraising Annual Event

What is uxperience?

uxperience is a group of people from the community of Uxbridge who come together to put on an annual variety show. Every year, over 100 of your neighbours in the community volunteer their time by singing, dancing, performing skits, playing music, or helping backstage. We provide great entertainment, have a lot of fun, make new friends, and donate funds to a worthy cause within our community.

What makes uxperience different from other amateur theatre groups is the non-audition format.

Anybody and everybody is invited to join. That's what makes uxperience so successful - the volunteers are from within our community.


A History of Giving to the Community

Since its beginning, this non-profit group has donated over $160,000 to charitable organizations. The recipients of the proceeds have included such worthy causes as the local hospital, hospice, sports facilities, children's programs, and seniors' projects. At our wrap-up meeting in May, the membership presents the donation to the charity in a brief ceremony - a gratifying moment that makes all of the work worthwhile!

In addition to raising money for charitable organizations, uxperience supports the community in other ways.

We have sponsored a Fair Queen at the annual agricultural fair, provided a co-op program for technical students at the high school, held annual fund raising event(s), and provided three scholarships to graduating Uxbridge Secondary students.


Looking to Join? 

There are two main ways that you can get involved - on-stage or off-stage. For those of you who don't mind being in the limelight, the on-stage crew is comprised of singers, dancers, skit performers, and the band. There are NO auditions! Everyone is welcome. For those of you who prefer a supporting role, there are many ways for you to contribute either as part of our back stage crew, technical crew, or perhaps as Director or Assistant Director for one of the performing groups.


A new exciting season begins every fall! The first General Membership Meeting is held in September and is usually announced in the local papers at the end of the summer.  If you miss the General Membership Meeting, you can always sign up at our first rehearsal at the beginning of January. There is a membership fee which helps cover the rising costs of the show every year and is used to offset expenses such as costumes, rehearsal space, music and props. The fee is due upon registration.


Because uxperience is an adult show, you must be 19 years of age to be a member. However, there are lots of ways for high school students to participate in pre-show production elements - perhaps as an "apprentice" tech crew member, painting sets, distributing flyers, ushering on show nights, or helping at the concession stand. Ask our Show Director how you can get involved and use your time towards your community service hours.